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you're watching you know we news coming up in business news africa. a new study by the world bank says africa is the only region where women are more likely to be entrepreneurs than men but still their way to the world of business is no much harder and that and a whole lot more coming up next with been facility after short break on layla iraq and growing thank you so much for spending this part of your day zero with us i'll see you tomorrow next to same time same place. and. language courses. or you know. any time where. w. media center. you know that seventy seven percent. are younger than
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sixty. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices part. of the seventy seven percent to talk about the issues. this is where. the seventy seven percent starts people sixty on. a trade deal that could transform africa finance ministers from across the continent push for a pan-african trade block but not everyone signing up. extreme weather is taking its toll on god there's coastal communities. and apples red gadget free products launch for deals that. company boldly going where others have gone before. and been
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physical and let's do business it's an absurd situation when african businesses trade goods with neighboring countries they often pay more in customs than they do with europe little wonder then that eighteen percent interest african trade still makes up a tiny proportion of the continent's total policy makers are trying to change that a year ago african finance ministers approved a draft for an african continental free trade area agreement which would get rid of tariffs from cairo to cape town that it give national economies a big leg up its projected that if every country that took part it could boost trade by more than fifty percent to a total volume of nearly thirty five billion dollars that's according to the un's economic commission for africa. finance ministers from across africa have been discussing the deal again over the past week at a summit but some governments still need convincing. joins us
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now. to drop anyone in but who's not signing up to this agreement. very interesting question because. we have most of the major countries major economies in the african continent that have a ratified it is the. movement is basically dragging its feet the rest of the african countries. being very objective to the trade deal at the moment so it doesn't really see the benefits of free trade i mean there are some free trade zones already set up in africa. actually nigeria is basically saying that it wants to protect its own small bruno was there are existing trade trade blocks in africa not trade deals at the moment we have to equalize in the west african bloc and we have. the easy stuff with the community and we have subject is
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not an african development community and we have the economic community of central african states. because they've all been working within themselves and the problem is we did in this country is that they find it really really hard to do business outside destroyed look like a country in east africa say kenya to do business with a country in west africa say i have a coast these are the difficulties that they have and it's not just. about the issues not just about signing a piece of paper an agreement. african nations that actually produce enough to trade amongst each other without being reliant on on imports from abroad. the movement production level within africa is very low you don't have countries really did produce in much but that does not mean that it does african countries do not have the capacity to put the possibility to two to three d. within themselves you find a country is is in need of
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a product that is being produced in ghana but it's far more cheaper say earlier to import this product from say germany in europe to get it from guyana does that it difficult to say these are the places that we need to find solutions to if solutions are found when do you reckon africa could get a pan african free trade deal. i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon because. the hurdles are really really too much and there is very very low infrastructure that. you know within this because it's not going to happen and it's i will back up a pessimist but also a realist i think thank you very much for joining us thank you pay for now africa is the only region in the world where women number more likely to be entrepreneurs the net in their businesses and not as profitable have lower sales and fewer
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employees report by the world bank issued today ghana focuses on unlocking the potential of women's businesses in africa to narrow the gender gap women need to be trained to develop more effective entrepreneurial skills they also need more secure savings mechanisms and better access to large cash grants. and i have the pleasure of welcoming the chief executive of the entrepreneur network affleck moses a quad thank you very much for joining us tell us first of all about women actually getting their hands on cash to start up a business because i believe that's a problem here. thank you ben for skin this question i think i was talking about all the history that african culture has always made women to become more into personal more money tiriel if you look at what has happened in the plus we have men who actually going to look for jobs and women starting to lead and to
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bring your own skills at home money home and then being able to start small businesses your rights when it comes to finance i think the problem has always been that we have a typical we actually access in finance and all given finite is to people like women in the fact in the sense that most often these women have properties that i didn't name of men and so it's always been a problem for them to actually own look the finances that men can actually own look but i think that if the only things are changing and that's really we do definitely need somebody to casein from the women's side but also education from the lend the bull was and also investors to understand not only going for conventional ways of actually giving money to women but also understanding what are the dynamics of understanding who and into print and i actually have such investments all such couple for them to grow their businesses is the problem of accessing fine as it also accessing education what's the problem of the educational front. so there
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because there is actually two faults yes women need to be educated to understand how to actually present themselves so that they would be able to unlock these finances because like i said earlier imagine you as a woman or as a mother who sits in the name of the husband or the money definitely makes it difficult for you to actually go and access money from a bond because everything is not in your name the same time the bank has all the investors also need to be educated on the dynamics when it comes to women and to print to us because we always look at it from the risk park that normally it's high risk for single month to be able to get grants as compared to a woman who actually has more investment in terms of understanding how they're able to monday's the whole manage the business and i actually show growth definitely the group might not be as high as we expect but these are key elements and key factors we need to also take you mind when we actually. analyze in and out surely evaluating when it comes to granting of low income patel so yes we need to
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definitely decayed in both sectors women definitely need more education we need to also bridge the gulf because a lot of times it had been the fact that girls were not allowed to go to school of course now it has changed but we need to do more and we need to be more questions about it you keep saying need need me just tell me really briefly how much would africa benefit from stronger female entrepreneurs. i would say africa would really have a leap frog just that we have had more technology as a lead for if we now make women as a key transforming transform it is off our economy definitely things would definitely change because a lot of women internet is actually not even colossi fight or even brought into the formal sector we normally do not even consider eyes them into rate and so the f. mily africa would have a leapfrog in terms of economy if we actually engage more women in the transformation of our economy c.e.o.
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of after like moses thank you very much for coming on the show thank you very much meant extreme temperatures storms and erosion are all threatening ghana's coastal community the sea claims around two meters of land every year leaving its mark not just on the buildings but on the livelihoods of local fishermen their earnings have fallen drastically over recent years along with fish stocks. lucas watches with concern what's happening right from his doorstep the sea draws ever closer here on the gun and coast road houses have been destroyed and rest as ruins in the water more have been built further inland but who knows when the sea will come to claim them to. whenever the sea got rough we experienced a lot of problems here the government built sea defense walls which have stabilized the areas but before that we lost several hundred houses and many kilometers of
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coast we haven't built as new houses but we're concerned that communities further down the shore are now facing coastal erosion. there's concern also with the dwindling fish numbers they provide the livelihood of many here but profits have dropped by more than fifty percent in recent years and a series of causes is worsening erosion on the coast. personally there's reduced sediment flow from the boat to reverse a result of dam construction and the reduced settlement is a factor sadly illegal sand mining from beaches for construction purposes can also contribute to happen thirdly climate change studies show that sea levels are rising by about three millimeters per year that's quite high and expected to rise these all lead to the flooding of vulnerable areas. a bit further east in the quetta region attempts are being made to hold the erosion using mangroves already with
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some success. is among groups if you find them in these course. was of course their protection because their roots. are very frame in the ground they catch a lot of debris a lot of sand and therefore it takes their. areas from erosion. we can also find a lot of. species of plants and animals that are associated with among groups some service food some could be used for. the extra food sources benefit the locals who mostly make their living through fishing and there's hope still that the battle against the approaching waters can be won with the help of nature itself. apple has unveiled two new subscription based streaming services for the move to compete directly with amazon and netflix a new t.v. streaming platform called apple t.v. plus was introduced by stars like oprah winfrey and steven spielberg who will
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produce exclusive content fully based maker of i phones and i pads used prosper vides a collection of newspapers and magazines also on the docket of credit card gaming and if its new sat. and global ride hailing service is boosting its international business with the focus of its middle east competitor for three point one billion dollars it was asian gives san francisco based in a region with a large young and take savvy population the purchase of the dubai based careen comes shortly before it was eagerly awaited i.p.o. cream was established in two thousand and twelve and operates in fifteen countries across the middle east africa and asia. nice to do business with.
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sixty minutes d w. what's coming up for a book loosely you have plenty to talk about you want to go to. the going to sleep go every weekend. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the movement of people in africa a fresh survey tracking migration passions on the continent has just been published by at least that they had a summary of the key findings for you. it makes me proud to have a stoppage the first pizzeria in the refugee camps and that's not just alone as
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a woman using my resume she's. a refugee from wastin so hard making dreams come true with him.


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